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Shear Majesty FAQ's

How many bundles do I need?

For lengths 10” – 14” – Two or more bundles is recommended

For lengths 16” – 20” – Three or more bundles is recommended

For lengths 22” – 30” -  Four or more bundles is recommended


What shampoo do I use to wash my bundles?

It is recommended that you use Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Shampoo and conditioner.


How do I wash my bundles?

Before you wash the hair, brush your hair and remove all tangles. Wash the hair in a soft downward motion. Distribute conditioner evenly throughout the hair and let sit for 15 minutes or more. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water


Will this hair shed?

Like your natural hair, minimal shedding is normal. The hair will not change in volume so minimal shedding will never be drastic.


Can I bleach/color this hair?

Yes, This hair is 100% virgin hair. Deep conditioning for 30 mins after coloring is highly recommended. We recommend that you have a professional color/bleach hair.


How can I care for the hair on a daily basis?

You should comb and brush the hair in the morning and at night. Use a bonnet or silk scarf while sleeping.


How long does the hair last?

With proper care, the hair can last 6-12 months. Take care of it and it will last longer.


What do I use in the curly or wavy hair.

It is best to use a leave in conditioner or diluted foam wrap to lock the curl in and minimize frizzies.

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